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  • Full HD PTZ IP Camera

    Full HD PTZ IP Camera

    $220.49 $145.13

    Key Features…

    • Full HD 1080P Wireless IP Camera brings detailed surveillance at 25 FPS
    • 255 degrees pan 60 degrees tilt and 4 times zoom ensures nothing escapes it gaze
    • Mobile Phone support and push notifications allow for remote surveillance via your phone
    • 50 Meter night vision and IP66 rating make it suitable for both indoor or outdoor use

    Pan Tilt Zoom IP Camera

    This exceptional IP camera will take your surveillance and monitoring to the next level. With its 255 degrees rotational panning and 60 degrees tilt, this HD IP camera can handle the job of monitoring a large area. A 6 to 22 mm lens allows for a 4 times zoom magnification and with autofocus allows this 1080P camera to pick out distant objects in great detail.

    Using its auto tour scanning, a route covering 8 preset positions allows the camera to take in details from all around – alternatively connect via the mobile app or with an RS485 compatible controller you can take full command in adjusting the cameras angle while viewing the live feed so you can quickly move the camera and focus on different objects in the scene while viewing the live feed from wherever you are.

    With both Wi-Fi and wired connectivity this PTZ IP camera can record in full HD resolutions at 25 frames per second ensuring your security will benefit from premium quality live viewing and recordings. With sharper details, these undistorted images will allow you to easily identify any perpetrators of felonious acts ensuring they can be held responsible.

    50M Night Vision Outdoor IP Camera

    2 SMD array lights with LEDiL precision-engineered lenses bring effective night vision for up to 50 meters. With IR cut and working down to 0 Lux, this powerful optics setup enables around the clock quality surveillance. This outdoor IP camera has an IP66 waterproof rating so its equality suited to both indoor or outdoor operations such as warehouses, parking garages, storage facilities and yards.

    Thanks to the intelligent alarms and motion detection you will always be alerted to any detected activity via email of push notification, added to that this camera has ONVIF compliance and is an ideal start or addition to any home or business security system.

    This IP66 waterproof PTZ IP camera comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale PTZ cameras.

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  • B87W Outdoor IP Camera

    B87W Outdoor IP Camera

    $185.99 $122.71

    Key Features…

    • 1/2.8 Inch CMOS sensor garuntees the 1080P high definition recordings
    • Pan tilt and zoom means the camera won’t miss any of the action and can cover multiple areas with ease
    • Remote viewing via computer or Smartphone with Android and iOS supported
    • IP66 rating ensures its ready for use outdoors

    When it comes to security only the best will do, with the B87W outdoor wireless IP camera you get excellent surveillance round the clock, and IP66 rating for protection from the elements.

    Outdoor Wireless FHD IP Camera

    The B87W Outdoor IP camera uses a 1/2.8 inch Sony MX 222 CMOS sensor which ensures crystal clear, full HD recordings at 25FPS. This camera has a 2.8 -12 mm zoom lens so lets you get in close on all the details while offering great low light filming that’s perfect for round the clock security. So you can have peace of mind that nothing will go unnoticed.

    You can easily connect to this outdoor IP camera via a wired or wireless connection for greater versatility and easy setup, without worrying about installing reels of cable. With its pan and tilt functions this IP camera can rotate through 300 degrees and tilt up to 60 degrees so its able to cover large areas which would normally require 2, 3 or even 4 fixed cameras. Added to that the 4 times zoom and you have a powerful surveillance tool ideal for covering warehouses, car parks, entranceways and storage yards.

    The cameras motion detection can be used to cover 4 independent areas and if triggered can send snapshot notifications via email or upload them for you to view anywhere in the world. This can all be done from a Windows computer or even from your smartphone as Android and iOS systems are supported as well. Supporting up to 4 online visitors the footage can be viewed simultaneously making it easy to co-ordinate you security needs.

    Ensuring 24×7 security is never easy but thanks to the cameras advanced night vision it can deliver detailed images even in the depths of night. This is all due to the 4 IR LED arrays, that bring an incredible 50 meters night vision ability. To keep the camera safe it has an IP66 waterproof rating so you can place it indoors or out.

    This IP camera has great compatibility and is ONVIF 2.0 compliant so you can easily add it to an existing system or expand your system later with more security cameras and sensors.

    The B87W Waterproof outdoor IP camera comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale IP cameras and security systems.

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  • PTZ Security Camera

    PTZ Security Camera

    $124.49 $81.41

    Key Features…

    • Enjoy clear 960p HD security footage thanks to a 1/3 inch CMOS sensor
    • IP security camera is perfect for indoor and outdoor use alike
    • 22 infrared LED’s provide you with clear images even after dark
    • A 90 degree viewing angle along with a 355 degree horizontal, and 90-degree vertical rotation angle allow this camera to spot every inch of its surroundings

    PTZ IP Camera 

    Keep a careful eye on your property and belongings with this IP camera. Featuring a 1/3 inch CMOS sensor this PTZ camera delivers a clear and high detail image, ensuring that everything that happens around your property will be recorded in 960p HD quality. Its 2.8-12mm lens features a 4x zoom option, allowing you to keep a clear and detailed eye on what’s happening in the distance. With its auto-focus technology, this outdoor IP camera is guaranteed to deliver sharp and recognizable images without exception.

    Thanks to its Pan-Tilt-Zoom design this IP camera can rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. Along with a 90-degree viewing angle you are guaranteed that not a single movement around your property will stay unnoticed. Allowing you to set up to 4 motion detection areas this PTZ IP Camera is the perfect little gadget that can be used to monitor specific locations such as an entrance and window. Once motion has been detected an automatic alarm notification will be delivered to your e-mail or smartphone – ensuring that no matter where you are, you will always be up to date about the latest security status of your property.

    Its 22 intergraded infrared LEDs allow you to use this security camera after dark by providing up to 20m night vision ensuring that, no matter the time of the day, your property will always be fully protected. Once the light in the surroundings becomes too dim this magnificent IP camera will automatically switch in between regular recording and IR night vision recording and thus guarantees that your camera always records clear and recognizable footage.

    Supporting up to 128GB of external memory this PTZ camera holds enough storage space to save hour’s worth of recordings. Additionally, footage can be watched and reviewed from a distance with using the camera’s APP that is supported by both Android and iOS operating systems. This gives you the possibility to be constantly up to date about the property’s latest security status without the need of physically being there.

    This PTZ security camera comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in IP cameras as well as wholesale electronic gadgets.

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  • PTZ Dome Camera

    PTZ Dome Camera

    $341.99 $237.17

    Key Features…

    • The camera has pan, tilt, and optical zoom feature to provide coverage for a wide area.
    • It offers great IR night vision of up to 60 meters great for 24×7 security.
    • The dome camera can be used indoors or out thanks to its IP66 rating.
    • 1/3 Inch 5MP OV4689 CMOS brings detailed video footage.

    Excellent Dome Camera for Maximum Security

    The PTZ Dome Camera is designed for providing maximum security and safety over a large open area. Thanks to the ability to turn completely around and tilt through 90 degrees it can do the job of several cameras all by itself. This PTZ camera can be programmed with up to 220 preset positions and there are 3 automated guard tours that can be set up as well. This means the camera can automatically cycle through set angles to provide expert coverage of different areas. The rapid rotation and tilt speeds mean that it cant be caught out and can be quickly repositioned to capture any action as it unfolds.

    A 1/3 Inch 5MP OV4689 CMOS sensor captures high definition images and the 20 times optical zoom means it can get close up shots of people dozens of meters away. Ideal for taking note of registration plates, perpetrators features or interactions between conspirators. As well as have a programmable surveillance path the camera can be controlled and the feed viewed remotely via a computer or smartphone app available for iOS and Android devices. With the ability to have 3 remote visitors at once multiple people or surveillance teams can monitor the feed simultaneously from different locations on on different devices. 

    This dome camera is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as it comes with a tough robust build and IP66 rating so it is sealed and protected from the wet and rainy weather. Furthermore, it provides 24×7 surveillance thanks to a powerful night vision IR array. This means it can pick out details even in low light up to 60 meters away, with the IR cut this security camera will automatically switch to IT night mode when the ambient lighting drops sufficiently.

    Complying with the ONVIF 2.4 protocol brings reassurance that this network security camera will work with most other major cameras and security setups so you can integrate it into your existing system or add to your security setup in the future when its time to expand.

    This PTZ Dome Camera is available with a 12 months warranty. It is offered to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale IP cameras and security gadgets.

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